January is traditionally the time for New Year’s resolutions, particularly when it comes to health. Getting in shape and eating better are unarguably the top goals each year, but there are many other ways to improve your health in the New Year. One of these is through infrared sauna therapy. The following benefits make this therapy a great health practice to add to your New Year’s plans!

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Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body while the surrounding air stays unchanged. The result is that the body’s core temperature rises without having to sit in a room with an extremely high ambient temperature, so people may find it more comfortable than a traditional sauna. The lamps in infrared saunas focus a penetrating warmth directly on the skin to bring heat-therapy benefits. Temperatures in infrared saunas usually are between 110 – 135 degrees Fahrenheit, while a traditional sauna typically falls between 150 F and 195 F.

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The benefits of infrared therapy include:

Improved skin tone: Infrared sauna therapy dilates the blood vessels, increasing circulation. It releases toxins, which contributes to a clearer skin tone with less wrinkles.

Weight loss: Infrared sauna increases heart rate, and the body burns calories to cool off, which contributes to weight loss. It also can balance ghrelin, the hunger hormone, helping to regulate appetite.

Improved cardiovascular function: Increased heart rate, improved blood flow, and improved blood pressure all contribute to the cardiovascular benefits of infrared sauna therapy. Some studies have compared the benefits of an infrared sauna session to a brisk walk.

Pain Management: Some of the leading causes of chronic inflammation include heart disease, asthma, and arthritis. Infrared sauna therapy can reduce chronic pain and stiffness by reducing inflammation from these conditions. Studies have shown that Infrared sauna therapy can help lower inflammation levels and help repair the conditions that cause it.

Wound Healing: NASA research has shown that infrared light increases tissue growth and cell regeneration.

Lung Health: Some studies suggest that infrared sauna therapy may improve lung function.

Better sleep. Because infrared sauna lessens pain and relaxes muscles, this therapy contributes to better sleep, which supports mood and overall health.

People with health conditions should check with their doctor before using infrared sauna therapy.

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A Valley of Vitality has two medical grade infrared saunas for use by clients. By incorporating infrared therapy sessions when you’re feeling healthy, you can give your immune system the extra boost it needs to stay strong and in full virus-fighting mode during the winter sickness season. Visit www.avalleyofvitality.com or call today at 928-442-6026 to book an appointment for infrared sauna therapy today!