It’s July and we have several new announcements!

First, We will be closed Monday 4th of July so our staff and clients can enjoy the time off to spend quality time with their loved ones in celebrating our Country’s Independence!

New Cancellation List Policies

We have been working very hard to accommodate all our existing and new clients! We are working diligently to accommodate all the appointment requests that come in and we are always attempting to get those in that are on our cancellation list. If you are on our cancellation list and we call you and you do not call us back after 2 times of us reaching out, we will automatically remove you from the cancellation list. We spend a great deal of time calling clients to fill an opening and we seldom get a return call back. There are many requests for specific therapists and very specific days and times, and we would like to encourage trying multiple therapists so that the probability is greater than we can serve you.

Book multiple massages in advance!

We are booking up faster than ever, to assure you are getting the therapist and date you prefer, book several appointments in advance. Book ahead of time to guarantee your preferred therapist and time!

Cancellation Policy

In the last 2 months, we have had a very high rate of last-minute cancellations and no-shows.  As a reminder, we have a 24-hr. cancellation policy. The late cancellations not only knock the therapist out of their pay for the service it is putting a burden on the studio. Then there are clients that don’t show up for their appointments or call/text last minute to cancel. When this happens, we do not have enough time to attempt to fill appointments.

Although emergencies do come up, too many cancellations or no-shows can ruin any business, especially in a service industry like ours. If this continues to happen, we will have no choice but to change our cancellation policy and charge full price for the service.

Guidelines and Etiquette for Gratuity

This all begs the question—how much should you tip for a massage (or other great spa treatment)? Here are answers to all your gratuity and etiquette questions, right here.

Massages soothe sore muscles and can help relax you—it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity. More and more people are opting to include massage and spa therapies into their lifestyles.

Whether you get a massage on a regular basis or view it as an occasional treat, it’s important to know that tipping for your massage is considered proper etiquette.  Because a massage therapist is providing a service, you should tip them in addition to the cost of your regular-priced service. Keep in mind that when you get a massage at a spa, you’re paying the spa for the service you receive from the therapist. While he or she receives a portion of your payment, the therapist is not being paid directly by you. The bottom line is that your tip helps your massage therapists’ bottom line—they count on gratuities as income. Tipping is the number one question we are asked upon interviewing for good talent, and we have a lot of difficult subjects in regard to tipping many of our therapists are reporting very low tips and not wanting these low tippers on their schedule. .. It is a conversation that comes up almost daily and we see that it is becoming increasingly difficult for many of our therapists to make ends meet.

The standard hospitality rate for massage tipping is 20 percent of the regular price/not the member discounted pricing.   For example, if a massage or body treatment is a regular price $100, a 20 percent tip would be $20. You can tip depending on how satisfied you were with the massage.

Planning and bringing cash to tip your massage therapist allows your therapist to take home the money the very same day, instead of waiting for the spa to ‘tip out’ on the therapist’s regular paycheck. We also pay out all the money for the gratuities that are left for the therapist, however, the studio eats the credit card percentages left at the time of check out, and this affects our bottom line. Also, if you wish to leave a small gratuity for the spa coordinator who showed you around the spa or got you situated for your sauna/salt therapy $2 to $5 is well appreciated.

And don’t forget to simply say thank you. “Telling someone they did a good job is worth its weight in gold.