Have you been contemplating what this New Year could feel like when you incorporate regular massages into your routine? One way to start the New Year is to commit to a regular wellness routine.

First, establish what your primary Goals are for this year and next, choose the best therapies to achieve your goals.

Wellness Goal 1: Stress Free

massage therapy

Are you ready to decompress from shopping, traveling, celebrations and the activities of the Holiday season? Allowing your body to experience massage is a way to alleviate stress after the busy holiday season and to support the quiet time of winter. Make this year’s goal to be stress free when you incorporate regular massages into your schedule. Your body will thank you as you feel lighter, more integrated and relaxed throughout the entire year.

Wellness Goal 2: Movement

thai massage

Are you ready to free your body’s restrictions for easier movement? Every massage at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio will help with the movement of your body. You may want to try a Thai Massage which helps to align the energies of the body using gentle pressure on specific points as well as compression and advanced stretches. Thai massage improves flexibility and range of motion.

Wellness Goal 3:  Staying Warm in the Winter, Pain Free


Couple your next massage with an infrared sauna to keep the body supple and moving with ease and grace. The benefits of improved circulation will help to increase blood flow to your entire body. Infrared sauna therapy can reduce chronic pain and stiffness by reducing inflammation from these conditions.

Studies have shown that Infrared sauna therapy can help lower inflammation levels and help repair the conditions that cause it.  Couple your sauna with a Valley of Vitality Signature Massage with hot stones, warm moist compresses, and aromatherapy (all included with our signature massage).

Wellness Goal 4: My Body is a Temple


Are you wanting to start the New Year with a fresh clean start? Cleaning, clearing and detoxifying your body so that your body can thrive, heal quickly, and recover from any previous injuries. Cleaning out the old and bringing in the new energy of a new year. Enjoy our Halotherapy or an infrared sauna to help the detoxification process.

6 Month Sauna Detox package available 1/2/2024-6/30/2024. Try our Halotherapy session and immerse yourself in a salt cave in a setting that is serene, calm and sterile. Salt has natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine properties so it is effective in detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system and relieving the symptoms of a wide range of conditions.

In addition to this, the salt aerosol creates a powerful negative ion environment that can lift mood, strengthen the immune system and encourage a state of recovery and general wellness which is beneficial for everyone. In addition, you may try adding a Cranial Sacral Therapy session to restore balance to your nervous system and to help release any stored trauma in the body and facilitate trauma resolution.

Wellness Goal 5: Weight Loss

infrared sauna

Our Infrared sauna increases heart rate, and the body burns calories to cool off, which contributes to weight loss. It also can balance ghrelin, the hunger hormone, helping to regulate appetite. And maybe that massage is the gift that you can give to yourself as a reward for honoring your wellness goals!

We look forward to help you manifest your Wellness Goals with our special services.

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