It’s extremely common to start the new year with well-meaning resolutions to quit smoking, eat healthier, walk to work, and live a generally more sensible life. But when was the last time you vowed to take better care of yourself, and enjoy it?

Self-care is a commonly used buzzword these days, and it means something different for everyone. For some, self-care may look like prepping several meals ahead of a busy work week and getting up early to workout. For others, it’s getting a massage, their nails done, and hair blown-dry every other week. Whatever you need to do for a healthy and relaxed life, it’s worth investing the time. Read on as we share five of our top self-care resolutions.

5 Things that should be on your self-care plan this year

  1. Establish a morning routine: how you start your day can impact how you feel and even behave for the rest of the day. A new morning routine doesn’t necessarily mean waking up at the crack of dawn to go running. It doesn’t even have to mean waking up at a specific time; it simply means getting up with purpose and doing what you can do make the day run smoothly. Experiment and make sure your morning routine works for you.
  2. Limit your screen time: We know, everyone’s glued to their phones these days and it’s a big ask. The problem is, being glued to a virtual world can make you anxious about situations you wouldn’t otherwise know about, or create a disconnect between you and your real life. By limiting your screen time (particularly before bed) you allow yourself to be present and mindful, rather than distracted and preoccupied with others’ lives.
  3. Weigh yourself less. Studies have shown that regularly self-weighing can harm people’s self-image and even pose negative psychological outcomes. Focus on how you feel rather than a number on a scale. That way, you’re more likely to check in with your body, rather than obsessing over a figure that’s prone to fluctuating anyway.
  4. Get yourself a massage. This massage doesn’t have to be a weekly event, but very few things are as satisfying as that warm, loose feeling you get after a massage. Massages can also help you relax and sleep better, making that fabulous morning routine even easier to maintain!
  5. Sleep more (and/or better). Again, this is easier said than done, but sleep can affect our energy levels, mood, and mental health. It’s believed that 40% of people with insomnia have also been affected by a mental health issue and approximately 75% of adults with depression also suffer from insomnia. If you struggle to sleep, think about your evening routine. Incorporate a wind-down period; read a book, have a bath, or simply listen to quiet music.

Start Your Year Right

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