Vitality Restoration Therapy

Have you considered all the ways you have adapted movement patterns because of pain?

You have probably tried many recommended treatments only to get temporary results! Myofascial restrictions are often the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction. However, you do not need to live in pain, there is hope. Physiopedia states, “A fascia is a layer of fibrous tissue. A fascia is a structure of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, blood vessels, and nerves binding some structure together while permitted others to slide smoothly over each other. Various kinds of fascia may be distinguished.” The key to releasing tightness, soothing aches, and freeing the body is in your fascia. Pain is often a symptom that shows up due to a restriction in the system. Symptoms can appear in many ways: headaches, decreased range of motion in your neck, shoulders, back, jaw, or pain in your hands and feet, etc. Bulging vertebrae, neck ‘humps’, forward rounded shoulders, pelvic tilts, compacted ribs and so much more are effects of compensation that lead to myofascial restrictions. Restrictions in the fascia are caused by trauma, physical and emotional, surgical scars, posturing, and bracing patterns.

Vitality Restoration Therapy  (VRT)  $125.00

All Sessions are 60 mins.

A customized 60-minute modality targets blockages in the fascial system and works deep down in the connective tissue to remove restrictions thereby, relaxing and rehydrating those tissues. Over time, this can support a life of vitality and living a happy active lifestyle.

Depending on your needs, the session may include: 

  • Cupping
  • CBD Spot Treatment
  • Gua-Sha  
  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
  • Myofascial Release 
    Stretching and many other modalities. 

The Therapist may include Cupping, Gua-sha, CBD spot therapy, and stretching as needed in the session to get desired results. This treatment targets specific areas of concern. A variety of techniques are utilized to provide an effective form of pain relief.

Proper Client Attire

Males: Bring comfortable loose-fitting shorts or boxer shorts and a tank top is best that allows you to move freely and provides access to the involved area.
Women: Bring a sports bra and loose-fitting shorts that allows you to move freely and provides access to the involved area.


What Exactly is a Fascial Restriction? 

In the normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and wavy.  It can stretch and move without restriction.  But, when your body experiences a trauma, such as a fall, significant injury, surgery and scar tissue, repetitive motion, habitual poor posture, or an inflammatory process, over time, your fascia will thicken, become solidified and shortened in response to the trauma.  When this happens, a restriction is formed.  All of us will experience a variety of accidents and injuries during our lives, from childhood through to old age. A major trauma will usually be remembered long after the event and can have long-lasting effects.   Fascial restrictions can place up to 2,000 lbs. of pressure per cubic square inch in pain sensitive structures.  This enormous pressure on pain sensitive structures is what can compromise any system in your body causing pain, limited motion and/or dysfunction.


A relaxing treatment using cups and suction to relieve pain and stress. This method breaks up blockage to restore the body’s natural flow of energy. Cupping uses suction to draw the skin, muscles, fascia, and interstitial tissues up and apart. This therapeutic treatment improves flexibility and range of motion, as well as improves circulation and reduces inflammation, which is the main cause of disease in the body.


Also known as “skin scraping” or “scraping therapy,” A natural ancient therapy that involves scraping the skin with the help of an oil and a natural stone massage tool to create an abrasion. The result creates a rash-like spotting, which might appear surprising to those who are unaware of the treatment. But the scrapping motion helps to release toxins, heat, and stagnation built up in the superficial layers of the body. It moves stagnant blood, qi, fluids, and boosts the immune system – making it an excellent treatment for inflammation, chronic pain, back pain, migraines, fever, and colds.

CBD Spot Therapy

incorporates application of Vitality Topical CBD salve to decrease inflammation and decrease recovery time. CBD is a 100% Natural, Non-Psychoactive, Organic Compound from the Hemp Plant with Significant Medical Benefits. CBD is applied to several areas of concern during the massage to relieve pain and inflammation.

Assisted Stretching

the practitioner leads the client through a series of assisted stretches, ensuring the proper range of motion that your body needs to heal. This is a wonderful way to improve joint health and increase flexibility

Benefits of VRT

Relieves chronic pain

Improves mobility & flexibility

Improves athletic performance

Relieves stress & Improves sleep

Provides long lasting results

Establishes calmness & balance in the body

How to Get Started :

Schedule an appointment through our website or call the studio. If you have questions about the treatment, please don’t hesitate to ask.

 Book your appointment with us today at 928.442.6026, or

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Happy Customers

A follow–up to yesterday's treatment.  Felt terrible with a lot of pain after treatment.  Arrived home, took a naproxen tablet, applied a heating pad, awoke 3 hrs later, and felt much better.  Went to bed and was even able to sleep on my right side.  First night in a few months that I was essentially pain-free.  Got up this morning and had slight pain in the same spot, just below the right scapula.  After a shower and shave, even that pain was gone.  In short, very successful therapy, and look forward to further treatment by you.  If you have a cancellation before our next appointment, let me know. Thank you!

Happy Customers

Amazing customer service! Very knowledgeable staff and therapist. The sauna combo is a perfect get away treatment. Highly recommend for anyone looking to relax or rehab.

- C.M. Prescott, AZ.

Happy Customers

I had such a wonderful experience at Valley of Vitality! I felt very cared for, and the massage was top notch! I would definitely recommend it. The deal for first-time costumers was incredible! Thank you!


Happy Customers

The environment, the professionalism, the value of the services and the reasonable prices.

- G.S. Chino, AZ

Happy Customers

The receptionist and massage therapist are very friendly and helpful. The massage therapist was knowledgeable and concerned and willing to listen to my needs and answer my questions.


Happy Customers

You guys go over and above. Love all the features- hot towels and stones and aromatherapy included. The best massages I’ve ever had- and consistently exceptional. Priced right if you get the membership. Thank you!

-S.M. Scottsdale, az