Many people suffer from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and general physical fatigue. These issues can be caused by stress, injury, and a wide range of other issues. While over-the-counter painkillers are available to temporarily hide the pain, a massage can help relieve discomfort and relax stressed muscles.

Deep tissue massage can treat the whole body, or a single affected area, depending on what you’re experiencing. Deep tissue massage is also a great regular treatment for athletes as it increases blood flow to muscles, helping them repair and release tightness.

Read on to discover what deep tissue massage can do for you!


7 Must-Know Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Infographic DeepTissueBenefits small#1 It Treats Chronic Back Pain

Approximately 16 million Americans experience chronic back pain, and most suffer in silence. Fortunately, deep tissue massage is more effective than a standard massage combined with anti-inflammatory drugs and is the ideal way to manage the pain.

A deep tissue massage isn’t simply about being relaxed – it identifies “knots” and spasms in the back that make everyday life difficult and works to release them. Our licensed massage therapists are experts at identifying problem areas and working on them over the course of several sessions to help you feel lasting relief.

#2 Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

Deep tissue massage helps lower blood pressure, which is a major proponent of heart disease. Deep tissue massage can reduce diastolic, systolic and mean arterial blood pressure in adults with high blood pressure and chronic pain. Deep tissue massage can also reduce inflammation in the joints by increasing blood flow.

While high blood pressure should first be addressed by a trip to the doctor and an assessment of diet, regular deep tissue massages can help lower blood pressure over time and deal with some of those muscular issues that so often stop us from being more active.


#3 Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Muscle Tension

Think back to the most recent time you felt stressed and anxious – did you find that your neck and shoulders were tight and uncomfortable the next day? When we’re stressed, our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode, even if the perceived threat is nothing more than a trip to the dentist.

When our stress is chronic, our muscles can feel tight and sore for days and weeks at a time. A deep tissue massage can help relax fatigued and sore muscles while you take some time for yourself, helping relieve stress and anxious feelings.

The emotional effects of deep tissue massage are definitely something to note, too. Studies have found that massage therapy can provide stress-alleviating effects (in the form of a decreased release of the cortisol hormone). Not only this, but massage therapy has also demonstrated activating effects of serotonin and dopamine, promoting a happier, more relaxed sensation – who doesn’t want that!

Massage therapy can help manage the “fight-or-flight” panic response that is often overactive among those with anxiety disorders and can cause significant physical tension and even chronic pain.

If you’ve been feeling stressed and anxious recently, why not treat yourself to a deep tissue massage? You’ll feel all the better for it!


#4 Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Many people turn to deep tissue massage following a serious injury, as it can break up newly-forming scar tissue. Scar mobilization through deep tissue massage can loosen scars and help increase mobility. Many people with a large scar experience tightness and stiffness where the skin tissue is tight and massage can reduce those feelings more quickly.


#5 Improves Athletic Recovery & Performance

If you’re an athlete or someone who loves to work out, you’ll know the immense pain and pleasure of massaging a knot in a tight muscle or rubbing tired muscles that are full of lactic acid.

Deep tissue massage takes this to the next level and actively supplies tired muscles, increases blood flow, and aids in a faster recovery. When we work out or exercise, the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide creates lactic acid, which builds up in our muscles and leads to fatigue. This acid isn’t good for our recovery, and our licensed massage therapists are experts in lactate clearance.

For those just starting to work out, you’ll be very familiar with DOMS – delayed onset of muscle soreness. That’s the stiffness and soreness you feel a day or two after a hard workout. Instead of waddling around your home waiting for it to go away, a deep tissue massage can help you get through it and return fighting-fit to the gym for your next workout.

Keeping your muscles in top condition, whether you’re an experienced bodybuilder or someone who wants to take a Zumba class once a week, will help you prevent injury and feel incredible.


#6 Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

When we injure our muscles, it often means we’ve torn the fibers. The best thing we can do for injured muscles is to rest them and ensure they have sufficient blood flow and protein to repair themselves quickly. Our licensed massage therapists work with injured muscles to gently increase blood flow and prevent tightness, increasing recovery time and decreasing pain felt.


#7 Reduces Arthritis Symptoms

Deep tissue can reduce arthritis symptoms. Deep tissue massage manipulates the top and deeper layers of the muscles and tissues. This practice requires intense, focused pressure from a licensed massage therapist. This style of massage can reduce swelling, alleviate muscle pain and severe tension in the connective tissues.

Often, it is the inflammation in and around the joints and the tension in the connective tissues that cause pain and build over time. By increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation and relieving tension in connective tissues, pain can be more effectively managed and quality of life maintained.


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