What makes A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio so different from other day spas, chains, or franchises?

From the moment you enter our wellness studio, the setting is serene and calm with soothing Asian décor and soft spa music. We offer an impressive blend of options and services with an emphasis on all-natural products.

It is something we can explain to you on the phone but it’s best you come see it for yourself!

  • We keep the focus where it should be in delivering TLC and the utmost in pain relief, tension relief, relaxation for your body. All are welcome! Come experience our therapists are top-of-the line! Their emphasis comes with a focus on therapeutic and deep tissue bodywork.
  • Our Vitality Signature Massage includes warm moist towel compress and we incorporate heated stones to the upper back and neck.
  • Aromatherapy is included complimentary to our vitality signature massages and is optional.
  • All of our products are organic and paraben free
  • All of our massage tables are heated and You’ll enjoy the Full amount of time on the massage table. By that we mean if you book a 60 minute massage you get a full 60 minutes. Many places market 60 minute massages that is actually more like 50 minutes. Those extra minutes on the table can really make a difference. If you arrive on time it will be a leisurely experience.
  • Our linens are scent and fragrance-free
  • We offer a detoxifying Far Infrared Sauna that can be an add-on to any massage service or used as an individual session. Our Medical Grade Far Infrared Sauna increases blood flow and circulation which decreases joint stiffness, inflammation and edema and burns as much as 400 to 700 calories per session. It also stimulates cells to help release toxins, heavy metals and foreign invaders.
  • We have a client loyalty program for our clients and it is integrated with our software program and our clients earn “perks” for future services.
  • Our team is dedicated to helping people move out of pain and live full, healthy lives and we offer a CBD oil massage that helps alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • All our massage therapists have met our quality hiring standards and are truly passionate about what they do. We offer you their expertise and talent so you may enjoy a massage customized especially for you!
  • We offer a complimentary bottle of water at the end of your service.
    If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you – You’ve come to the right place! The specialized massage therapists at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio are committed to your wellness, comfort, and satisfaction. Our therapists keep up to date on the best therapeutic massage techniques and continuously take continuing education courses to offer you the best services. We look forward to helping you with your Health & Wellness needs through healing & relaxation with regular Professional Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage Therapy. Utilizing many years of massage experience and a variety of massage modalities, we customize every session to your specific needs. All bodywork is provided in a safe, calm setting where change, healing and nourishment can flourish. We are Prescott’s trusted source for massage therapy utilizing many years of experience and a variety of massage modalities, we customize every session to your specific needs. Our experienced massage therapists may recommend including one or more of the following techniques in a session, based on each client’s particular needs and goals. Give a call at 928.442.6026. Offering relaxing massages, detox wellness in a comforting atmosphere, FIR Far Infrared Sauna, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Corporate Chair Massage! We offer extended hours, weekend availability, and individual-focused treatment. We offer many styles, and modalities, of massage that are custom fit to your needs. When you arrive, you will consult with your therapist and plan the massage, which will best suit your needs. We also work in conjunction with other professionals to provide you with the most comprehensive holistic care. You will receive the full amount of your time in hands-on treatment. Your consultation before and after as well as changing time for you is not part of what you pay for! We are always happy to talk with you!In addition, this is a general outline of what we offer:

    Relaxation Massage- Deep Tissue Massage- Swedish-Trigger Point Therapy-Lymphatic Drainage –Sports MassagePregnancy MassageCouples Massage (not offered at this time due to social distancing) -Raindrop Therapy-Reflexology- Hot Stone Massage On/Off Site Corporate Chair Massages- Cranial Sacral Therapy- Wellness Packages – Monthly Wellness Memberships!