If you’re looking for the best Valentine’s gift for your loved one, you’ve found it. There is no better gift for someone who needs a little relaxation than a massage. And these days, who couldn’t use a little extra help when it comes to unwinding and loosening tight muscles?

Whether they’re dealing with a stressful situation or have mentioned that their neck gets tight from sitting at a computer all day, the gift of a massage will show that you listen and care. But what type of massage is best for your Valentine? Read on to find out!

What Type of Massage is Right for Your Valentine?

For the Person Who Needs to Be Pampered: Vitality Signature Massage

Our Vitality Signature Massage is the most luxurious and all-inclusive massage we offer. This massage combines techniques from Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and a range of other therapeutic modalities. It also includes the use of heated stones on the back, aromatherapy, and warm moist compresses to relax the muscles. The massage ends with a gentle scalp, neck, and shoulder massage to leave your Valentine feeling pampered.

For the Person Who is Willing to Try Something New: Chinese Cupping

If you’ve ever seen someone walking around with large red circles on their skin, you’ve seen someone that’s recently had a Chinese Cupping Massage. Cupping is an ancient technique where suction cups gently pull on the skin, helping to release tension in tight muscles and fascia. If your Valentine has been feeling a little tight and isn’t afraid to try something new, gift them a gift card for a Chinese Cupping Massage.

For the Person Going Through a Tough Time: Cranial Sacral Therapy

We all go through times in our lives where each day is a struggle. Whether our mental health has taken a dive, life is throwing everything it can at us, or we’re working through some unresolved trauma, finding time to take good care of ourselves often feels impossible. Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle type of therapy that uses a light touch to remove blocks and restore balance in the nervous system (something that is often difficult in times of stress or after trauma). CST is well-known for helping to release stored trauma, so this is a great choice for anyone feeling stressed and anxious.

For the Soon-to-be-Mom: Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is hard on the body and mind. Each new trimester of pregnancy brings new challenges as the baby develops. Our Prenatal Massage is not only a great way to help your loved one feel pampered, but it also helps improve circulation and relieve physical and mental fatigue. We use cushions and pillows to ensure they are always supported, and no unnecessary strain is put on the body during the massage.

For the Person Who Loves a Foot Massage: Reflexology

Does your Valentine rest their feet on you and look at you hopefully? If so, they’re likely angling for a foot massage and there’s no better foot massage out there than Reflexology. Reflexology is a type of massage that uses reflexes in the hands and feet to help correct issues in other areas of the body. This is also a great option for a loved one that would like a massage but is a little nervous or unwilling to have a full-body massage.

For the Athlete: Sports Massage

Finally, for those of you out there with a loved one that’s putting in time in at the gym, on the track, or anywhere else they choose to sweat and train, a sports Massage will do them wonders. Our Sports Massage uses a combination of stretches, compressions, and cross-friction techniques to relieve tension in the muscles and help them recover faster.

For the Both of You: A Vitality Signature Massage for 2

If all these wonderful massages have got you dreaming of some time on a massage table, why not turn your Valentine’s gift into a date? We offer our Vitality Signature Massage as a couple’s massage, for 60 minutes, and 90 minutes, so you can choose a duration to suit you and your partner.

Regardless of what type of massage you choose for your Valentine, we’ll be sure to pamper them here at Valley of Vitality in Prescott, Arizona. If you still aren’t sure which massage will be right for your Valentine, call us for more advice or purchase them a gift card so they can choose a massage for themselves.

Click here to find out more about other types of massage we offer, click here to purchase a gift card for your Valentine, or go here to request an appointment. We look forward to pampering your partner!