Back pain is one of the most frustrating and uncomfortable types of pain to experience. Because the spine is connected to so many other parts of the body, it can affect the limbs as well as the torso. If regular back pain goes unmanaged for long enough, it can begin to cause problems elsewhere in the body.

If you experience regular back pain and are looking for pain relief, massages are a great option. Read on to learn about why massage can help relieve your back pain.

Who can benefit from massages for back pain?

Whether you’re dealing with back pain from sitting at a desk all day or have a bigger issue you’re working with your doctors to resolve, massages are a great way to relieve pain and reduce stiffness in and around the area.

When we experience pain in one area, other areas of the body step up to take some of the load that area of the body can’t, meaning we often end up feeling stiff or having pain in those areas, as well as the source of pain in our backs. Massages gently work out this tension and give you back some flexibility you’ve lost.

Unless your doctor has specifically told you not to have massages or do yoga following a recent surgery or treatment, a massage will help relieve back pain.

How do massages help back pain?

Here are some specific benefits of back massages:

  • Stress and depression management through the release of endorphins and reduction of pain
  • Better quality sleep due to increased relaxation in the mind and body
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate due to increased relaxation
  • Aid in the recovery of injured muscles by increasing the blood supply to the area
  • Relieves stress-induced “knots” in the back and shoulder muscles
  • Removes built-up muscle toxins through muscle manipulation

What type of massage is best for back pain?

There are several different types of massage that work well for back pain relief, and if you’re not sure what you need, we’ll be happy to advise you. Some of the most popular methods of massage for back pain include:

  • Deep tissue massage, in which chronic muscle tension is released using slow strokes, friction, and direct pressure (this is included in our signature massage)
  • Swedish massage, which involves long, kneading movements and light, rhythmic, taps. This type of massage emphasizes the muscles closest to the skin’s surface and focuses on the most strained areas such as the neck and back (this is included in our signature massage)
  • Thai massage, which involves the therapist using their hands, feet, elbows, and knees. For the recipient, it’s a rhythmic and yoga-like experience that manipulates, stretches, and compresses the muscles to provide pain relief and increased flexibility.
  • Sports massage, which helps promote long-lasting pain relief for athletes and anyone experiencing muscular pain

Regardless of the type of massage you choose, your practitioner will ask about your problem areas before your massage begins.

Your massage therapist will slightly warm up your muscles before they begin working on your problem areas, as well as other areas of your body to offer you as much relief as possible.

The pain relief brought on by a massage can leave people feeling energized and revitalized. However, many people feel relaxed and even sleepy after a massage, so make sure you don’t have too much planned in the hours following your back massage!

Massage for Back Pain in Prescott, Arizona

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