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Welcome to A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio

We provide highly skilled and effective bodywork modalities; our treatments are customized to suit your individual needs and help focus on recovery and pain relief. Our professionally trained licensed massage therapists combine a variety of massage techniques to create a relaxing therapeutic massage to suit each individual. We are Prescott’s most trusted source for massage therapy utilizing many years of experience and a variety of massage modalities, we customize every session to your specific needs. At A Valley of Vitality, all our massages include “the works.” Included into our prices are all the upgrades that many other spas and wellness centers charge extra for. Please ask for a recommendation based on your needs & preferences. Massage is not just a luxury, but a path to a happier, healthier life.

Meet Our Team

Book with the most experienced and skilled Massage Therapist in the Prescott, Arizona Quad-Cities Area. Every massage therapist is licensed and has a diverse skill set that allows them to deliver a personalized massage tailored specifically to your needs.

The best thing about A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is the people who work here. We are proud of our team and support them as they continue to grow their skills and further their education. Meet the amazing family of people who will take care of you!


Jodi, LMT


I started my health and wellness career as a fitness instructor. After a few years, I decided that I wanted to do more to assist others in the health and wellness program by learning more in the massage therapy field.

In 1985, I attended massage school where

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I found a life-long learning path and developed a passion for massage therapy. I started out with deep tissue massage, then added more specific techniques. I became certified in: Thai Yoga Massage and The Ingham Method of Reflexology

When I am not working with my clients, I enjoy being an avid distance runner. I enjoy challenging myself by running in marathons. So far I have participated in thirty marathons, four 50Ks and one 50 mile run! In addition to running, I also enjoy practicing Yoga three times a week.

Nikki, LMT


Nikki is a proud Marine and has been certified as a Nurturing The Mother® Massage Therapists by Claire Marie Miller Seminars, one of the nation’s leaders in massage therapy. The program is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage Bodywork. She specializes in Prenatal, Labor Support, Postpartum.

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Nikki holds over 900 hours of training and is fully certified in: Swedish, Pregnancy, and has training and experience in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports. She strives to make each session on her table meaningful for each client, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation.



My love and ability for massage and healing touch began very early in life, spending quality time massaging family and friends prior to attending Arizona School of Integrated Studies (ASIS) I wanted to increase my knowledge and learn how to personalize each massage to each client. I am passionate about what I do and…

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feel that massage therapy itself is a necessity not a luxury. I work with minimal conversation to create space for both mental and physical rejuvenation. I enjoy incorporating hot stones, warm towels and using aromatherapy to complete your session.

 My specialties are Craniosacral, Cupping, Neuromuscular and Swedish therapies. I have an incredible passion for helping others on their healing journeys with an empathetic heart and lot of compassion. I enjoy seeing the effects and listening to the body and tuning to the areas in need of attention.

 When I’m not holding a healing space and working on clients, I enjoy off roading and shooting archery, adventuring the beautiful outdoors, and enjoying the company of family and friends. Experience for yourself the great benefits of massage therapy!

Adryanna, LMT


I am a client-focused Massage Therapist, with over 30 years of experience in helping clients relieve their pain, gain range of motion, and release the daily stressors that can tie the body, mind, and spirit into a bundle of knots. I intuitively weave various techniques into a customized session, based upon client’s…

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… needs and preference. My areas of expertise are in Swedish or relaxing massage with moderate to deep pressure, lymphatic drainage, prenatal massage, raindrop technique, vitality signature massage.

 For me, there is no better feeling than watching someone progress, feel better, and become more balanced. I am dedicated to health and wellness and my goal is to help you the client relieve stress and live a pain-free life. You can relax under my hands with the confidence that you will enjoy your treatment and feel great as a result.

By giving yourself the time to unwind, you allow yourself the opportunity to open up to a greater degree of health, wellness and clarity and relieve the pains and stresses of the outer body and find inner peace.

Refresh your body and mind with an extremely focused and targeted therapeutic massage.

Stephanie, LMT


I am transfixed by the power of therapeutic bodywork. A simple hour or two on a table can yank me out of my head, back into my own body, and help me shift priorities to healing and wellness. After experiencing the transformative power of this work during a demanding time in my life, I wanted to bring it to others….

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I started my massage practice in 2005 after graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage. I specialize in Myofascial work, and also offer Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic techniques, as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Aromatherapy. I’m particularly interested in the mind-body connection, and the role of bodywork in unwinding all types of trauma. While I was in private practice for many years in Baltimore, Maryland, I relocated to Prescott in 2017 and have been blessed to continue my career here. 

I’m so grateful to the hundreds of clients who have allowed me to participate in their healing journey.

When not massaging, I’m also employed at a medical software company. In addition to my bodywork education, I’m a graduate of St. John’s College (Annapolis, 2003), and University of Baltimore School of Law (2014). I enjoy reading, travel, film, good tv, good whisky, good friends, good weather, good massages, and cooking.

Josh, LMT


Hi, my name is Josh, I attended the Arizona School of Integrative Studies here in Prescott, AZ. My goal is to help people live better lives by utilizing the healing benefits of massage and bodywork. My passion is to help heal people inside and out. I believe self-care is a MUST in today’s busy world. Regular bodywork and…

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energy work are the keys to living up to your fullest potential. Massage can be beneficial to everyone when applied in the correct manner by a caring, knowledgeable therapist. I have proficiencies in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, cranial-sacral reflexology, and therapeutic deep tissue. I bring all of that to one table, combining several modalities into one unique style designed to get the best therapeutic results to fit the client’s needs. My results-focused massage technique combines myo-fascial, deep tissue, and oriental techniques to provide lasting results. I am well versed in sports massage, cupping, and connective tissue as well. My future career goal in bodywork is in physical therapy.

During my off time, I am a novelist with 20 years of talent planning to publish my first work soon.  I routinely practice Yoga to stay in shape and have started studying energy work.  I like to spend my spare time traveling, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors with my dog Leo. I look forward to assisting you on your path to wellness.

Zac, LMT

# 19260

I have been passionately studying and practicing integrated massage therapy since 2012. Drawing on over 1000 hours of training in massage modalities, as well as holding advanced certifications. I am excited to join the Valley of Vitality team and serve my hometown of Prescott. With years of experience working in…

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spas, chiropractic clinics, and private practice, I have a wide array of skills and tools to meet your specific needs.

The reason I am passionate about my job is because of the powerful impact a massage can have on pain management, joint mobility, stress relief and so much more. Being an LMT is so rewarding because I can really help people with serious pain and discomfort that they have possibly been dealing with for years.

Not only is bodywork good for maintaining pain levels and health but it is fantastic for resolving neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, and myofascial dysfunctions. I try and build a professional relationship with every one of my clients to best serve their wellness journey. 

From chronic pain and stress to working with professional athletes or elders, I am committed and confident in meeting you where you’re at and supporting your path forward. 

My primary modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Connective Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports, Lymphatic, Reflexology 

and Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

When I am not working. My other passions include trail running, yoga, cycling, and music. 

Donna, LMT


As a former police dispatcher, I observed the effects of a very high-stress environment on the human body.  This inspired me to do two things.  I aligned myself through a healthy, positive, and active connection to the world.  19 years ago, I dedicated myself to massage therapy to help others become more aware of their…

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body’s message and to assist them to connect and ground themselves through their physical manifestation.  As a skilled communicator, I have been able to encourage and guide clients to methods that will reduce repetitive stress and encourage deep relaxation.  I work intuitively incorporating a repertoire of skills in spa treatments, myofascial, neuromuscular, deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, and prenatal modalities and I can provide clients with an experience that aligns with their expectations at a pace that is comforting and appropriate.

Sara, LMT


As a former co-owner and director of a massage school, the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, I believe that touch is essential for everyone. The beauty of being part of massage education is the connections and transformations that come from receiving and giving. I love bodywork and how it helps all types of people. …

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I recently joined A Valley of Vitality, to be part of a like-minded team of therapists and owners. Currently, I focus on “feel good” techniques such as Swedish and Deep Tissue, on all body types; small, large, pregnant, or athletic. I have had a massage practice since 1996 and hold advanced certifications in Neuromuscular Techniques (trigger points), Massage Teacher Training, and Sports Massage but have done many hours of continuing education in a diversity of modalities and techniques, from energy work to bodywork that specializes in accidents like whiplash to hot/cold therapies.

       As a wife and mother, I am very involved with my family. Recently, I became a Yavapai County Master Gardener and spend time in the community volunteering at school habitats and gardens. In addition, my daughter is involved in 4-H, and we spend time raising chickens, turkeys, and bunnies, and practicing shooting sports. I live, surrounded by National Forrest on an eclectic property that was originally off-grid, where we implement sustainable living in efforts to have practices that promote healthy living. Cooking, massage, pottery, rock climbing, and being an entrepreneur are my interests.

Neal, LMT


As a graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies, I became an LMT to fulfill a rewarding ever interesting career helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. After experiencing the benefits of massage, I wanted to assist others in receiving the same experience…

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I learned during my education if someone has pain or stress in the mind or body massage for healing is a good outlet to use before anything else. As a therapist, I feel it’s important for anyone to have a full-body massage regularly, thereby helping to resolve unseen issues before a problem develops. 

As a massage therapist, my responsibility to clients is a guide to help them gain a better state of relaxation and freedom from pain, anxiety, or general stress of their daily lives, if only for an hour. I also like to invite my clients to actively participate in their health and wellness, by providing the experience of peace and healing. As a therapist, I believe this is one of the greatest gifts, I can offer clients. One way I enjoy caring for individuals is through aromatherapy, heat therapy, and meaningful bodywork. In a balanced fashion, each client can access the deepest levels of relief and well-being.  

Massage Therapy can help facilitate healing on many levels from your cells and muscle tissue to the emotional component of stress. One of my passions is sharing knowledge to empower clients on the importance of creating a healthy more balanced lifestyle, through a solid wellness plan. I hold firm that the body is in a state of dis-ease and needs restful, mindful therapy focusing on mind-body, and spirit to heal. I have studied several techniques of massage modalities including Swedish, Connective Tissue, Neuromuscular, Injury, Thai, Manual Lymph Drainage, and Craniosacral Therapy. By modifying the pressure of light, medium, or targeted deep tissue preferences, my clients can achieve the best results possible. 

Molly, LMT


I received my massage training at the Heartwood Institute in Garberville, CA. in 1995. I incorporate many different styles of massage into my sessions. Some of these modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, Lomi Lomi…

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sports massage, trigger point, Polarity therapy and arthritis hand massage. I feel confident in providing either deeply relaxing and rejuvenating massage or injury specific treatments. I prefer to use a medium to deep touch but may not be your therapist if you require extremely deep pressure. I love sharing the gift and art of massage therapy with my clients and am a firm believer in the healing power of human touch.

A native San Diegan, I have lived in Prescott for almost 2 decades and have 3 children. I am extremely passionate about health, healing, and overall, well-being. I practice yoga, try to walk daily, and am committed to vegetarianism. I really enjoy providing thorough, individualized, and effective massage for each client, every session.

I look forward to sharing my skills with you.


Rayna, LMT


I believe massage is one of the greatest tools you can use to promote health. That’s why I have made it my goal as a therapist to continue to grow in this field. Specializing in deep tissue and sports massage. In the past 13 years I have strived to learn new modalities and techniques that would specifically benefit…

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the needs of my clients through Continued Education Courses.

I graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010, with over 1000 clinical hours. Throughout my 13 years, I have helped people relieve the pain of injuries, stress, accidents, and body discomfort, as well as maintain good bodily and mental health. I have worked in spas and in a chiropractic office. Both areas of health have given me the opportunity to learn the fundamental elements that promote healing. I have since spent thousands of hours working to enhance the lives of other people through my education and personal empathy for the aches and pains that can be associated with labor intensive occupations. I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you on my table.


Amanda, Founder/Co-Owner

LMT# 15925
I am a graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies who specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic massage, lymphatic massage, craniosacral therapy, intuitive massage, advanced integrative massage, and trigger point therapy. I love to look at the body as a machine. If an area is seized up…
*As of 2021, Amanda is no longer accepting new clients. Existing clients, please call the studio to schedule.
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we focus on all the parts and mechanics to fix it, not just the local area of complaint.
 I’ve always enjoyed tailoring each session to the client’s needs, combining deep focused work with stretching and movement, for individualized results.  As a massage therapist with extensive training, I love to tap into the body, listen to what it needs to receive, unlock years of chronic pain, and help bodies easily recover from injury. I believe in bringing people to balance, wholeness, release, and relief. I love facilitating the beginning or continuation of a healing path and offer a holistic approach for mind, body, soul, and spirit wellness.  Witnessing a client’s reaction to regaining range of motion or relief of chronic pain, and knowing I was a part of that, is what I love most about my job.

Charis, Spa Coordinator

I come from a background in medical front office and I am part of an amazing family that is very much into nutrition and discovering natural ways of healing and making self-care a priority for our wellbeing. I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. One of my favorite things about customer service and working in the wellness industry is my love for helping others with their wellness… 

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 the benefits of herbal blends.  Her true passion is spending time with her large family doing outdoor activities together where we might see her relaxing in a hammock.  

Regina, Spa Coordinator

I came to the Prescott area from Phoenix in 2014. I am a very proud Military spouse with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I have worked in the medical field off and on for the last 27 years in dermatology, massage, and insurance. I have a genuine love of working with and helping others, it is my happy place. I truly enjoy getting to know the clients and working with an amazing group of professionals.

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When I am not behind the desk at A Valley of Vitality I enjoy spending my time off traveling with my family, DIY projects, and the occasional night of singing karaoke.


Anabel, Spa Coordinator

I have a background in guest services and working in the spa industry. I love making people feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they step foot in the studio.

Whether it is at the front scheduling appointments or assisting clients with product questions.

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I take pride in guaranteeing that one’s time spent at the studio will be nothing short of exceptional. I love taking on new responsibilities and enjoy working my co-workers.

I like to help guide others on a path to healing and a healthy lifestyle. My hobbies include beauty and body wellness, massage, nutrition, and self-care. Since moving to Prescott, I enjoy all that Prescott and the Quad Cities has to offer including hiking, traveling and horseback riding.

Our Mission is to provide a sanctuary for our clients where they can experience Beneficial and Rejuvenating services and healing in a relaxing and safe environment. We are passionate and dedicated toward our profession and are committed to ideal values including:
Honesty, Respect, Integrity, and Compassion.