A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is Hiring

Licensed Massage Therapists!

Rapidly Growing Wellness Studio Seeking Passionate, Professional, Motivated, Licensed Massage Therapists and Spa Coordinators to join our A+ Team!

  • 9Are you truly passionate about massage therapy and making a difference in the lives of your clients?
  • 9Are you someone who is drama free and capable of delivering exceptional services?
  • 9Would you like to be a part of an award-winning team that has the best wellness studio in the area with 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp?
  • 9Are you client focused, service oriented, and able to communicate and interact effectively with clients and educate the client on the benefits of massage therapy?

When you’re part of A Valley of Vitality, you’re part of a community that feels like home.

We have an energetic and active Front Desk team of spa coordinators that will go the extra mile to ensure our massage therapists are taken care of and help keep your schedule full.  We have multiple spa-coordinators who will assist you in sanitizing your treatment rooms and prep for the next client in between client appointments.

Clients love us and what we have to offer. We are not just a place for you to work. We are a place where you can grow your career expand your knowledge, share your expertise, care for your clients, and become part of a team that shares your passion.

We believe that our team deserves a place they can trust, feel at home, and be part of an award-winning wellness community. We believe that you flourish when you feel supported, confident, well trained, and rewarded for a job well done.
A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio is a natural healing alternative wellness studio offering professional therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork sessions, with an emphasis on therapeutic and deep tissue bodywork. We keep the focus where it should be in delivering TLC and the utmost in pain relief, tension relief, relaxation.

A Valley of Vitality, we take care of all the details, so you can be your best and most successful self. A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio offers competitive pay, and many other perks, not to mention a great working environment and wonderful colleagues! At A Valley of Vitality, we believe that happy highly skilled therapists + wonderful treatments + a warm and inviting environment = HAPPY CLIENTS who return often. Because of this we’re dedicated to helping you meet your personal and professional goals.
Our team is positive, motivated, and reliable, with exceptional professionalism and sincere respect for one another. The emphasis we put on having the best staff in the industry means we attract plentiful, loyal, and dedicated clientele.

We’re a family-owned company dedicated to hiring team members like you, and making you feel just as cared for as a client. See, we want A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio to be a place where you love to work. A place where you can focus on your clients. Where you’re surrounded by people who share your client-focused approach and belief in customized modalities; and who appreciate your drive to deliver the best massage experience. We want A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio to be a place where you feel like you truly belong – because you do.

If interested, please submit resume with days and times of availability to work to:

    Your Well-Being

    Our team is the heart of what we do, and because A Valley of Vitality was founded by a massage therapist, we know the importance of feeling healthy, supported, and well trained. We are not just a place for you to work. We are a place where you can grow your career expand your knowledge, share your expertise, care for your clients, and become part of a team that shares your passion.

    There is no feeling in the world like helping someone feel better. It is our greatest joy to see our clients benefit from the massage and bodywork services we provide and to take them from a place of pain to one of vitality.

    Skills Needed for This Position

    • Ability to assess intake on client history and note any health conditions, contraindications, and suggest a plan of care
    • Engage with clients to determine painful or stressed areas of the body
    • Able to provide 30–120-minute therapeutic massages to clients by appointment
    • Make recommendations on stretching, foam rolling, use of self-care tools or relaxation methods for after care
    • Ability listen and communicate with clients during appointments and adjust technique as they desire



    Client Satisfaction and Retention – Success in this position is about helping clients with their wellness goals so they achieve transformational outcomes. Strong communication skills and an ability to set client expectations from the start are imperative to helping clients succeed in their transformational journey and ensure they successfully achieve the outcomes they came to us for

    Provide A Great Client Experience – We are much more than a wellness studio. A huge part of what we do is creating relationships with clients, helping them know us, like us, and trust us so they feel welcome and safe during the experience. They ultimately become repeat clients for years to come.

    Help Clients Make Better Health Choices – Our mission is to help clients in their health decisions so they can ultimately get back to being active and fulfilling their life. One of the ways we do this is to offer information on our monthly massage program with prospective clients during their visits.

    Constantly Improving Therapy & Soft Skills – We believe that continued education is a critical component of a successful therapist. At A Valley of Vitality, we encourage helping one another to be a better therapist. Investing in both skills and trade and soft skills such as communication helps a therapist become more versatile to achieve better results for clients.

    What Weve Got for You!

    Our team members are amazing and are the true soul of our company. We are deeply committed to the foundation of our core values that molds our interactions with everyone we encounter.

    Security in Bookings:
    We have been in business for over 13 years and have a large membership and exceptional reputation. Our training will teach you how to bring clients back using your unique talents. You’ll build your books with confidence and credibility, great tips, and predictable income.

    • NThis is W-2 position
    • NPart-Time or Full-Time Opportunity to be an integral part of a small but rapidly growing wellness studio
    • NWe offer competitive pay with the opportunity to earn more as we grow as a result of your impact.
    • NWe provide a steady work environment with an overflow of clients in our monthly membership program, fixed/flexible schedules, steady clientele, keep all tips.
    • NTo give you an amazing and beautifully decorated wellness studio with spacious treatment rooms included heated lift tables, towel cabinets, and all necessary tools and supplies provided including clean linens.
    • N15 min cleanup breaks in between client appointments.
    • NNo laundry involved.
    • NWe are closed New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and spring and fall break followed by the PUSD to allow staff to spend time with their families.
    • N$95 massage credit each month for services + discounted massages, discounted products, family discounts, free Far Infrared Sauna sessions/ Himalayan Salt Cave sessions.

    Our compensation is outstanding and above industry standard with average earnings per service between $45 and $65 which includes base pay plus gratuity.

    We always put safety first, ensuring the highest standards in cleanliness and disinfection practices, and a strictly therapeutic environment for our team and clients.

    Training and Development:
    We never stop improving at A Valley of Vitality! The training we provide teaches you the proven and precise way we do things at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio, so you feel confident and knowledgeable in your role. But we go far beyond that as well, by giving you the skills you need to build your loyal clientele and ensure career longevity.


    1. 5-hour shifts we offer a 9:15am shift to 2:15pm and a 2:15pm to 7:15pm

    2. Day shift

    3. Evening shift

    4. Every weekend

    5. Rotating weekends (alternate Saturdays and Sundays)


    To apply for a Massage Practitioner position, please click here

    Warmest Regards,

    Amanda D’Agosto, Founder/Owner