What To Do Before & After An Infrared Sauna


Do you feel like you could benefit from a visit to the sauna, but don’t enjoy the stiffing heat that comes with it? Then you should try our medical-grade far infrared saunas at A Valley of Vitality Wellness Studio. Located in Prescott, AZ. Our sauna detoxification services can help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a good sweat without the suffocating heat of a traditional sauna. The heat from the infrared sauna increases your heart rate and cardiac output, mimicking a cardiovascular workout. You can burn up to 600 calories per session. Consistent and frequent sauna use can help you reach your goal weight. You can even bring a friend to relax and unwind with you in our sauna rooms. Visit our studio today to learn more about our saunas.

Newer and trendier than old-school saunas, infrared saunas are garnering acclaim for their detoxification abilities and much more.

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Most people do not drink enough water, to begin with and now that you are using an infrared sauna and sweating, it is even more important to stay properly hydrated. Always drink plenty of water before, during, and after your session. Remove all makeup to allow your skin to receive the full benefits of the IR heat during your sauna experience.

Skin Products – Refrain from using skin products like lotions and oils before using the sauna.

• It’s advisable to remove all make-up which allows your skin to receive the full benefits of Infrared heat during your session. Because the infrared sauna’s function uses electromagnetic lamps to create warmth at much lower temperatures, it provides increased therapeutic benefits.

• Since the sauna’s benefits stem from sweating, be sure to hydrate beforehand, during, and after each session.

• Avoid drinking coffee, soft drinks, and juice overloaded with sugar or alcohol.

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If you are ready to schedule an appointment, we request that you arrive 5 minutes early to be checked in, shown to your private sauna room, and make sure you are prepared for the session.

If you are a new client to our saunas, please complete our client intake form below and bring it with you on your first visit or arrive 15 min. early to complete a new client intake form.

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The best clothing options are ‘birthday suits’ (we provide complimentary hand towels to blot your sweat) commercial swimsuits are acceptable along with the use of the waffle weave smock provided for your sauna session. More skin exposure is certainly preferable as it allows for better flow of the infrared. We recommend bringing loose-fitting comfortable clothes to change into after your session.

A Valley of Vitality is a wellness experience where the results are cumulative. This means the more you come in, the better you will feel. Just like working out or dieting, it will take a few sessions before benefits begin to manifest.

You may notice that it takes 10-20 minutes to break a sweat in your first session. This is because our saunas are heating your body directly, passively raising your core temperature 2-3 degrees, rather than simply heating your skin with hot air. This is a defining difference between infrared and traditional sauna. As your body becomes more accustomed to raising your core temperature on a regular basis, your sweat will become more excessive and start sooner into your session.

You may not sweat much during your first 2-3 sauna sessions. This is normal for many people, as they haven’t had a recent history of sweating, and it takes a few sessions to “retrain” the body to do what comes naturally. Take care not to overheat during your first few sessions. As the body continues to adjust, sweating can increase dramatically, and body temperature regulation becomes more effective

If the sauna cabin becomes too hot or stuffy, you may open the vent overhead or the door to let some fresh air inside. Drink water provided as needed. Stretching your arms, legs, and back area during your session creates more body flexibility.

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When you finish your sauna session, you will continue to perspire as your body naturally cools down —refresh and revive with the provided warm towels from the towel cabinet and place used towels in the bin.

Your body just flushed out a lot of toxins. Be sure to replenish and rehydrate—our fridges are stocked with bottles of water. Make time for cool-down. Once the session is over, you’ll want to wear comfy clothes when possible.

You may continue to sweat a bit afterward. To avoid having to force a pair of tight jeans or compression leggings up your sweaty legs, opt for something loose, breathable, and comfortable. Try packing a pair of wide-leg yoga pants, a cotton tee, and a loose sports bra.

Remember to get up slowly after a session and to watch for any lightheadedness. If you have high blood pressure or heart issues, get your physician’s clearance first before beginning any sauna treatments.

Some users find the session will relax them, preparing them for a good night’s sleep and they enjoy the sauna in the evening. Others are invigorated by the session and like to enjoy renewed energy hours before bed. You will learn quickly what time of day you enjoy the best.

Relax and cool down. You’re still going to sweat once the heat goes off, so just keep relaxing after you’ve finished your session.

Explore the benefits of an infrared sauna

Whether you want extra support and relief for your health problems or just to destress after a long week, you’ll love the effects of our sauna. After a few visits to our infrared sauna, you could experience:

• Relief from sore muscles

• Relief from joint pain like arthritis

• Detoxification

• Weight loss


• Clearer and tighter skin

• Improved circulation

• Better sleep

• Relaxation



How many people can use the Sauna together?

2 comfortably and that is only when you bring a friend. Otherwise, the sauna room is your own private oasis. Infrared Sauna sessions are booked as an individual, private session. Add one additional person to your 30-minute session for just $25.00 unless you are receiving a massage service then it is $20.00 as an add-on.

What are the contraindications to using a Sauna?

• If you are pregnant, you should not use an Infrared Sauna

• If you have a pacemaker, you should not use an Infrared Sauna

• Children under 18 years old are not permitted to use the Sauna

• Medications such as Diuretics, barbiturates, and beta-blockers may impair the body’s natural heat-loss mechanisms

• Health conditions such as Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Pacemaker, Cancer, etc.

• If you have metal pins or plates, please consult your doctor before use

• Do not use alcohol before or during an Infrared Sauna session

Do not use the Infrared Sauna if you have a fever, are prone to bleeding, or have an acute injury or illness. Please consult your doctor before use if any of these conditions apply. A Valley of Valley is not liable for any side effects during or after the use of the Infrared Sauna


A far infrared sauna is not for everyone. If you are on prescription blood thinners, have low or high blood pressure, do not sweat properly, have a pacemaker, are pregnant, do not tolerate heat well, or are in generally poor health we do not advise using our sauna without checking with your doctor first.

Helpful Information:

• Sauna sessions are limited to 30 minutes.

• It is advised to drink plenty of water before and after your sauna session.

• Wear appropriate clothing for your sauna session – comfortable loose-fitting clothes, swimsuits, gym shorts, t-shirts or tanks.

• Do not use any oils or lotions prior to your sauna session.

• Pregnant women should not use the infrared sauna

• The use of drugs, medication or alcohol prior to the sauna session may lead to dizziness or unconsciousness.

• Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system; nevertheless, you should consult your surgeon prior to using the sauna.

• Clients with a pacemaker or defibrillator must not use the sauna due to magnets used in the construction of the sauna.

• No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the infrared sauna

• Clients with a medical history of circulatory system problems should consult a physician prior to using the sauna.

• Infrared heat kills 99% of bacteria, creating an inherently sterile environment. Additionally, the sauna and room are cleaned after each session.